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Hassle-Free, Professional Washing Results At Home With Haier

10-13 2021

24 hours aren’t enough some days. Between daily activities, personal lives, and everything in between - laundry gets put on the back burner at times, collecting more dust than what’s good. For days like these, a good washing machine like the new Haier HW80-BP12929 is the perfect solution!

The Importance of A Good Washing Machine

Technology is ever-evolving. In the day and age where the Haier TV now talks to you, and a tiny, miraculous Haier Air Fryer can cook an entire roast, there’s no question the technological wonders of the Haier Washing Machines.

Still, choosing a new washing machine is very much a preferential choice. First, you need to consider the load type.

Much like clothes themselves, washing machines aren’t one-size-fits-all. In fact, there are many types of washing machines to choose from in the Haier catalogue. From washer type to capacities, but one important design feature of all is the load type.

Are you a Top Load or a Front Load person?

Traditional top load machines spin clothes around a vertical central axis, which could be rougher on your clothes if it is overloaded. For a household of two, this might be less of a problem, but if you have a big family, you should be on the lookout for a front load washer.

A front load washer tumbles clothes inside a drum with a horizontal axis (meaning in an up and down motion) similar to the actions of handwashing. This not only gives it a gentler effect, but creates less stress on clothing, and reduces wear and tear. Other than the obvious design difference, another key distinction between the load types is efficiency.

Front load washing machines are more energy-efficient by using fewer gallons of water per load. This is because the washer drum tumbles clothes through a shallower pool of water. Not only does this reduce your household carbon footprint, but if you have a house full of people and laundry constantly needs washing, a front load is your go-to.

Washing machines aren’t spare change. Frankly, they cost quite a huge chunk out of your pockets. For that reason, it’s incredibly important to get the most from your purchase. Here are a few features you absolutely need.

#1 Hygiene Care

Global pandemic aside, clean features are a pretty important consideration for your new washing machine. A few notable innovations to look out for are Anti-Bacterial Technology, Dual Spray, and Steam, which are all standard features on the Haier Washing Machines for the most pristine washes for every load!


Each of these features have been designed to refresh your clothes in a highly effective and innovative manner, using the most hygienic technologies to remove odours, fine dust, and allergens whilst protecting against mould and bacteria from forming in vulnerable areas in your machines. This makes for a super clean machine and cleaner laundry every cycle!


#2  Super Inverter & 525mm XL Drum Size

Great things come in big packages too, and if you have a full house, a large capacity washing machine doesn’t only lessen your load, but on your machines too!

No… That heavy metal concert in your old washer isn’t normal - it’s probably time for an upgrade. The Haier HW80-BP12929 Washing Machine is a Super Inverter washer that comes with AI-DBT that minimizes noise and vibration during a washing cycle. Not only is this perfect for all your large household and bulk washing needs, but it provides peace of mind washing no matter the hour.


#3 Laser Welding Technology

Thanks to the laser welding technology, HW80-BP12929 provides a smooth and seamless drum surface preventing your clothes from being caught while your drum is spinning compared to ordinary electric welding drums.

Let Us Help You

It’s pretty evident that a great washing machine can greatly enhance your daily life, especially for large households. There’s no better washing experience than with the NEW Haier HW80-BP12929 Washing Machine! Packed with thoughtful designs, a Super Drum XL, and the most hygienic care for your clothes, experience effortless, professional washing results right in the comfort of your home.

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