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Shower Safely This Monsoon Season With Haier

11-18 2021

Haier A Safe, Comfortable Shower This Monsoon Season


Despite popular belief, Malaysia does in fact have four seasons – hot, hotter, rain, and absolute downpour. As we enter the monsoon season, it’s important to not only maintain our hygiene but our peace of mind in the shower with the safest and cleanest features on the Haier Water Heater!


Before we dive deep into the reasons why the Haier Water Heaters are an absolute necessity in the home, let’s start with everything you need to know about water heaters in general.


Essentially, water heaters, well, are heaters for your water. They come in all shapes and sizes and even functions. Depending on the type of heater you might have, hot water flows directly or stored from a tank.


A storage water heater heats stored water to a certain temperature and maintains the temperature by regularly powering on through the day until water flows out. Conversely, an instantaneous water heater provides water just when you need it. 

If you’re a new homeowner or looking to replace your dated water heater, here’s our recommendation to find the best water heater for your home – a tankless, instantaneous water heater, much as the Haier Water Heaters! 


“Why are tankless, instantaneous water heaters better?” you might ask – well, not only do they provide immediate hot water (no waiting times!) but because they don’t feature a tank that intermittently needs to power on/off through the day, it saves energy, water, and your pockets! The tankless design on the Haier Water Heaters also makes for a safer shower environment as water is isolated from the heating element. 


Now that we understand the how’s, let’s go through the why’s of the Haier Water Heaters for your home!


#Reason 1: Shock Proof Technology 


Here’s a shocker: Your water heater can electrocute you. From poorly installed wiring to short-circuited heating elements in a storm, your showers are a safety hazard, especially with little ones in the home.


The Haier Water Heaters are all equipped with remarkable Shock Proof Technology, ensuring zero worries for electrical leakage and hazards while showering, even when it’s storming outside.


#Reason 2: Your Shower, Your Temperature Settings


We’re in the modern era of tiny miracle Haier Air Fryers for an entire Sunday roast, so it’s not a surprise that the Haier Water Heaters take innovation up a notch with Constant Temperature Control that keeps water temperature exactly to your needs. 


And with no more waiting times, forget shivering in the bathroom after getting caught in the storm!


#Reason 3: Greater Peace of Mind


It’s always better safe than sorry with Haier – and the ELCB & Double Relay innovations equipped with all the Haier Water Heaters understood the assignment! Intelligently cutting off both null line and live line within less than a second when leakage is detected, the Haier Water Heaters will deliver greater peace of mind for those stormy days.


#Reason 4: The Choice is Always Yours


In a world of customisation for every aspect of your life, why wouldn’t the same be for your showers? Personalise your shower to your exact preferences with impeccably engineered and sleek design 3 Way Shower Selectors!


#Reason 5: Early Risers And Night Owls – the EI36MP1 is the one for you!


You’re taking a shower, not powering a motorboat. Forget all the noise and disruptions of traditional water heaters and enjoy your late night, early morning showers in absolute peace and quiet operation with the DC Pump on the EI36MP1.


Your neighbours will thank you too.


Let Us Help You


After every storm, there’s a rainbow. After a long, dreary, and dark day, there are the safest showers with Haier! Grab yours today. Click here