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Gifts That Everyone Will Love With Double Celebration Deals

12-20 2021

Haier’s A Gift For Everyone On Your List

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can sometimes be impossible. Between finding a gift that’s meaningful yet still practical, and not to forget the budget - there’s quite a bit to consider, and not a lot of time with the holidays just around the corner. Don’t fret! Gift your loved ones their dream home appliances and enjoy Double Celebration Deals with Haier. 

#1 The Haier HTF-540DGG7 4 Door Series Refrigerator For the Home Chef

The kitchen is the heart of any home, especially for all the festive feasts to come, so the chef deserves nothing less than the finest appliances to cook up a delicious storm!

The Haier HTF-540DGG7 4 Door Series Refrigerator preserves natural flavours, stores food fresher for longer, and with big storage capabilities, is the perfect gift for large households and those who shop in bulk.

Must-Have Features For Every Home Chef 

  • T-ABT with 99% sterilisation effect

  • HCS+ Moist Zone and Myzone with flexible storage

  • Twin Inverter


#2 The HWM120-1678ES5 and HW100-BP1678ES5 Top Load Washing Machine To Take the Load Off

If it was one thing no one prepared anyone for was definitely laundry. Many of us are guilty of just throwing it in the wash and calling it a day. Between all the capacities and capabilities, and now the heightened importance of hygienic loads, it’s a lot to take in for anyone, much less your new homeowner friends and family. Haier is here to wash the stress away with the best gift to take the load off!

The HWM120-1678ES5 and HW100-BP1678ES5 Front Load Washing Machine is equipped with the cleanest features and efficiencies that make life easier and your laundry cleaner.

Must-Have Features For Any Load

  • Anti-Bacterial Pulsator

  • Rear Control Panel

  • Pillow Drum 

  • Quick Wash


#3 The H70D6UG Android Series TV To Relive Childhood Memories

This one’s not only for your loved ones, but it can be for you too! Regardless if you celebrate the season, there’s a universal love for Christmas movies during the holidays - no matter how cliché they may be. Nothing beats cosying up with your family on the couch with a Christmas classic marathon on.

Though you can’t rewind time, you can recreate them in crystal clear quality and smart capabilities for the best viewing experience on the Haier H70D6UG Android Series TV! And now, you can binge all you like without scrolling endlessly.

Must-Have Features To Cherish

  • Built-In Google Chromecast

  • 4K HD Resolution

  • Netflix


#4 The R32 Inverter with VTK SeriesAir Conditioner To Keep Cool 

Don’t believe what they tell you, Malaysia does have four seasons - hot, hotter, rainy, and absolute downpour (and if we’re really lucky, all seasons appear in one day). So, regardless of the time of year it is, an Air Conditioner is a need in a home. 

Present the ultimate gift to your loved ones with the Haier R32 Inverter with VTK & VTH Series Air Conditioner! Equipped with all the cleanest and energy-saving features, it’s the ideal gift not just for the safe holiday gatherings, but all year round to keep cool and bills low.

Must-Have Features To Cool Down

  • Eco Mode

  • Smart Clean

  • Strong Airflow

Save Yourself the Trouble Of Gift Shopping With Double Celebration Deals

It’s meaningful, practical, and everything everyone will love here at Haier. Offers, and premium free gifts are waiting for you now! Grab your dream home appliance with Haier Double Celebration Deals here.