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Have A Roar-some New Year With Double Celebration Deals

01-26 2022

Yay for the Huatlidays! 


The new year is a time of gratitude, gatherings, and great times with family. From old to young, plenty are looking forward to the feasts, festivities, and faces we don’t often get to see. So, make the best time with Haier innovations that’ll bring joy to all and Double Celebration Deals.


Fresh For the Festive Feasts to Come


A meal is only just as good as the ingredients. The Haier HTF-540DGG7 Refrigerator will ensure the flavours, nutrients, and freshness are impressively preserved just in time for the family get-togethers!

A great feng shui tip for placing your new refrigerators is to never have them facing the stove directly as the metal property will consume the fire property.


Prosperous Haier Features Every Home Needs


  • HCS+ Antioxidant Moist Zone – Preserve food freshness twice as long with double the cooling speed!

  • MyZone – Keep foods fresher for longer with optimal temperature settings

  • T- Anti-Bacterial Technology – Have no worries for bad germs, dirt, and vibes with up to 99% sterilisation! 


Lighten the Load Off the Year


Energise your laundry cycles with the Haier HWM100-BP14959S6 Washing Machine! Particularly for the leng lui’s waiting to brighten the safe gatherings with their stunning silk cheongsams. Haier’s impeccably engineered machines will effectively yet gently protect the integrity and texture of your festive wear. It also saves you immensely on those dry-cleaning bills!


Designing your spaces through feng shui may take a lot of effort, but it can greatly improve the energies in your home. Maintaining the balance of your laundry room is as simple as keeping it clean and keeping the machine door always closed as to not hold on to shar chi


Prosperous Haier Features Every Home Needs

  •  STEAM – Relaxes the fibre of your laundry for greater dirt and stain removal, even for the most stubborn ones

  • Refresh  – Warm vapour penetrates the clothes, removing odours, and sterilises your laundry squeaky clean and fresh!


Staying Seamlessly Connected, Even Apart


Last Niu year saw a great change in the way we celebrated the huatlidays, but there was always one constant: family. During the time of bonding, connect with those near and far with seamless efficiencies such as the Haier H70D6UG TV! Bluetooth and cast loved ones across borders, oceans, and further right from your living room.


When it comes to feng shui for TVs, your comfort is the utmost priority! So, grab yourself a TV size that allows you to sit comfortably - psst much like the Haier TVs for the most immersive viewing experience at any size!


Prosperous Haier Features Every Home Needs


·       Built In Chromecast - Cast directly from your favourite entertainment apps from any of your devices

·       Bluetooth - Seamlessly connect with your Android smartphone! It’s an instant connection



The Ong-ly Way to Prosper: Breathe in Healthy Air


In a country with extreme weather, air conditioning is just not a luxury to have, it’s a major need – especially during the festive season. With your closest ones visiting for the safe gatherings, ensure their ultimate comfort and health with the Haier HSU-10VTK21 Air Conditioner!


Installing your air conditioners above your head is bad feng shui. Not only will it not properly circulate the airflow, but there should always be a solid wall behind your back to symbolise benefactor’s support.


Prosperous Haier Features Every Home Needs


·       Smart Clean - Intelligently cleans the inside of the AC for healthier indoor air

·       Eco Mode - Powerful energy-saving cooling solutions that’ll surely keep bills low!


Get Ready For the Niantastic Year Ahead With Haier


Have a roaring new year with Haier innovations! Gearing you for the huatlidays with the most prosperous offers, deals, and premium free gifts. 


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