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Loads of Love For Your Laundry Post-Huatliday Celebrations

02-23 2022

Why Haier is An Absolute Need For Your Large Laundry Loads

One of the most stressful times of the holiday season (besides the days leading up to it, of course) are the days that follow after, especially in a home full of people and piles of laundry to catch up on. If it’s not stress over trying to get everything washed perfectly, it’s the stress on the machine for running 24/7. Here’s where the Haier HW100-BP14959S6 (10kg) and HW90-BP14959S6 (9kg) Front Load Washing Machines come in handy! Impeccably engineered and designed to run your large cycles more effortlessly and efficiently.

Seamless Haier Efficiencies to Lighten Your Load

First of all, no, your washing machine is not meant to sound like a heavy metal concert. The loud banging and clanging you’re hearing is your battered machine crying for help after all those years of over-capacity loads. 

Well, Haier’s here to help!

One XL Drum Load is All It Takes

One of the worst parts of doing the laundry post-huatliday is the tedious process of separating the washing and the multiple loads it takes to complete it because not everything will fit or thoroughly clean in the same cycle. Well, as they say, the bigger the drum, the greater the washing capacity - and Haier has one of the largest drums in the market!

Don’t go breaking your back over laundry, Haier’s impressive 525mm XL Size Drum is the perfect washing solution for large families or those bulk laundries. The large capacity saves space and effort and effortlessly does your laundry for you - simply add your load and the Haier Washing Machine will do the rest!


Long-Lasting Performance and Results

A washing machine is a big investment. So, you want a machine that lasts you through the years or your ever-expanding family. Luckily, the Haier Washing Machine is impeccably engineered just for that!

Equipped with a Super Inverter and remarkable Laser Welding Technology, the Haier Washing Machine provides incredible washing capabilities, able to withstand the big loads you need pristinely washed. It’s also gentle on the Earth and your pockets, saving water and energy!


Hygiene Washing Starts Haier

We probably don’t have to explain to you the times we’re in right now, but regardless of that whole thing, having a machine that perfectly cleans your clothes is much needed in any home for a healthy lifestyle!

Introducing Haier Hygiene Care Solutions

  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT)

Incredible protection for the most sensitive parts of your machine! It protects against mould and bacteria in hard-to-reach places, such as the detergent drawer and porthole gasket, for more hygiene laundry cycles up to 99%

  • Smart Dual Spray

Intelligent cleaning system for all your washing needs! It ensures more hygienic washes for each cycle and improves the durability of your machine in the long run


It’s full STEAM ahead for pristine washing! A feature many tend to overlook when shopping for a new washing machine is the STEAM feature, especially for those in large households. Not only does this relax the fibre of your laundry for creaseless cycles each time (move over iron boards, hello wrinkle-free clothes!), it also efficiently removes odour and allergens, smoothly killing bad bacteria


Let Us Upgrade You

Now,  you won’t have to worry about big laundry loads ever again! Discover a new laundry experience with the Haier HW100-BP14959S6 (10kg) and HW90-BP14959S6 (9kg) Front Load Washing Machine. A range of tailored solutions are waiting for you, so you can enjoy professional level laundry at home with every cycle. 

Grab yours today! <link to product page>