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Discover the Ultimate TV Experience With Haier

09-02 2022

“Just choose one – they’re all the same,” doesn’t quite apply when it comes to shopping for your new TV. Between all the latest innovative modern technology, wide-ranging price points, spatial factors, and whatever else have you, finding the right TV for you and your home isn’t exactly a pull-names-out-of-a-hat situation. 


Don’t worry, Haier’s got you! Introducing the latest TVs in the family, the S5 and S6 HQLED Pro series TVs. Stunning, from any angle, in every space.


Haier is more than just another display – it’s an experience.


Of course, screen specifications are something you’ll need to carefully consider before you checkout that relatively bank-breaking cart, and you’ll have zero worries with Haier’s stunning 4K picture vibrant displays, but they aren’t the only factors. 


Haier innovations aren’t just your run-of-the-mill TVs. The latest S5 and S6 HQLED Pro series TVs are beautifully designed with impressive features such as High Brightness QLED (HQLED), 4K Resolution, Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC), and Front Speakers, bear witness to true beauty with brilliant, long-lasting colour and sound that complements your home. 


Here’s why.


Brilliance you can see.


Catch all the content you love in a new light with High Brightness QLED (HQLED). Considered the next big thing in TV technology, and a definite must-have in every home, if you ask us, this incredible innovation in the latest Haier TVs delivers stunning, true-to-life colours that amplify your viewing experience in breath-taking colours.


Brilliance you can hear.


Cut through the background noise with a whole new level of immersion! The Haier Front Speakers deliver crisp, rich audio to your spaces. 


Hear every sigh, track every terrifying footstep, and catch all the laughter with sound so realistic, that you’ll feel as though your favourite characters are there with you.


No more TV jitters.


Actors might get stage fright, but what happens behind the scenes will stay behind the scenes with the impressive Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) feature! This technology is equipped in the latest Haier TVs to improve picture clarity and reduce motion glitches, picture tailing, and double imaging. 


Watch, game, and stream your favourite content in absolute peace of mind and stunning clarity. 


Size matters. A lot.


Let’s not kid ourselves. Bigger is better. Way better. Especially when you have a full house. No longer will you need to crane your neck over the family couch just to catch your favourite thanks to the bigger screen at home with Haier!


When looks are everything.


The design of a TV isn’t typically one of the first considerations you’ll have when shopping for a new display – but it should be. Haier’s latest innovations aren’t just impressively engineered for a greater viewing experience, but the stunningly sleek, stylish, and seamless design will beautifully and effortlessly blend with your home; regardless your interior style.


The future of TV is Haier.


Say goodbye to the standard way of viewing with the latest innovations in the Haier family – the S5 and S6 Pro series TVs! Binge-watch your favourite shows, keep up with your workout routine, stream your ultimate wins, and catch all the content you love in stunning picture detail on the bigger screen at home today.

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