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Fridge Tips: Organisation & Features With Haier

11-29 2022

The Right Way to Organise Your Refrigerator

When it comes to proper storage of your foods, especially if you intend to maximise its shelf life, you need to have a proper system in place.

Having a proper organisation system in place is key to preserving the natural flavours and nutrients of your groceries, and you can effectively achieve that with the coolest solutions from Haier!

Haier Keeps It Fresh, Always

And by ‘it’ we mean your foods, but also just generally! When it comes to the preservation and storage of the food you consume, zero compromises should be made. That’s why Haier promises the coolest solutions for all your grocery needs.

The Haier refrigerators are designed with your convenience in mind. Every innovation starts with thoughtfully engineered functions that prioritise your unique household needs.

The latest Haier HRF-418IHM and HRF-458IHM Top Mount Freezer Refrigerators will seamlessly protect your foods’ natural nutrients and flavours with a 360° Air Flow System and abundant storage thanks to its Large Capacity. This is especially important when you’re shopping in bulk or accommodating a large household, but it also benefits those in smaller homes with the freshest features.

The Freshest Features For Your Kitchen

Large Capacity

Now, you don’t have to worry if you might not have the space your groceries might need. The latest Haier refrigerators are impeccably designed to optimise the least amount of space with ample storage and more room for freshness!

Regardless if you have a big household or smaller one, it’s always a good idea to have a refrigerator that’s Better Outside, Bigger Inside.


5 Stars Energy Rating

The planet needs to chill, and so do you. Save your energy and money with thoughtfully engineered technologies that power your peace of mind and lower your electricity bill.

-1℃ Chiller Box

The reason this feature is an absolute must-have for your refrigerators is right in its name. The possibilities are endless with an ideal zone for different food types at -1℃. 

And it makes a good storage area for those lain-lain food categories, like thawed meat you don’t necessarily want to freeze. 

November 2022_R2-03

360° Air Flow System

The coolest solution, minus the frost. The Haier refrigerators deliver optimised airflow to every inch of the refrigerators without ice build-up. This not only helps healthy air circulation to your foods but limits the formation of mildew or odours. 

So, let’s leave frosting to the snowman. 

DEO Fresh Deodoriser

Did you know we’re meant to deep clean our fridges every 3 months? Don’t worry, some of us might’ve missed that memo too… This is why having a deodoriser already equipped in your appliances is all the more important. 

For those times you forgot to wipe off the spilt leftovers, the DEO Fresh Deodoriser will eliminate odour and achieve purification effectively before your next scheduled cleaning session.

November 2022_R2-04

So, now – What Goes Where?

November 2022_R2-02

Freezer – Frozen meats, stocks, and sauces

Door shelves – Eggs, drinks, and foods with natural preservatives

Chiller Box – -1℃ temperature setting makes it ideal storage for a variety of different foods from meats, veggies, and cheese

Upper shelf – Foods that don’t require cooking

Middle shelf – Dairy products

Bottom shelf – Wrapped raw meat and fish

Drawers – Veggies, salads, and fruits

Let Us Upgrade You

No hassle, no worries. Ensure a seamless storage experience with the coolest solutions on the latest Haier refrigerators that are Better Outside, Bigger Inside.

Grab yours now, here.