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Haier debuts latest home appliances at Beyond Lifestyle roadshow taking place across Malaysia

04-11 2019

Haier Malaysia is rolling out their Beyond Lifestyle roadshow at 1Utama mall that showcases their latest range of products across the range from their latest refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and more.

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At the roadshow, visitors will be introduced to seven core products in Haier’s line-up in Malaysia that consists of their latest refrigerators, ice bars, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, TVs and kitchen appliances. All of them include their latest technological refinements that aim to make life easier for homeowners while increasing energy efficiency and making life easier for homeowners.

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Haier’s latest refrigerators sport a revamped humidity control system that have separate wet and dry zones, enabling users to efficiently keep food fresher for longer; according to Haier the new range almost doubles the duration of stored food with 20% faster cooling speed and 19% less power drain for more long-term savings on the leccy bill.

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Haier’s new range of Ice Bars look like a fridge with a transparent cutout that allows you to store dry foods like nuts, fruits and confectionery, wine and drinks together in a very attractive fashion as you’re able to admire all your produce at a glance. A Quadlet Filter in the Ice Bar helps to  slow down the oxidation process for stord fruits while the see-through panel has a built-in heater that prevents it from fogging up.

Haier has also unveiled a 6-in-one freezer that offers six different storage options optimised for different needs ranging from a quick freezing mode for when you’re in a hurry to put something on ice, a standard refrigeration mode all the way to a chilling deep freeze. More importantly the 6-in-one freezer has the ability to keep its cool for 100 hours even without power, allowing for you to keep your food fresh even in the event of a blackout.

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Haier’s innovative washing machines which are whisper silent now have another trick up their sleeves with what they call Air Wash technology that uses a combination of steam and hot air to effectively clean delicates like silk, leather, blazers and coats.

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Haier has also debuted their 50-inch Haier Miracast 4K UHD TV that, as you’d likely surmise, has Miracast tech that allows you to cast the feed off a compatible device like your slate or smartphone onto the TV, allowing you to play games, streamed videos and the like on a larger display.

You can check out all these new technologies and more at the Haier Beyond Lifestyle roadshow that is taking place at the LG Floor Oval at 1 Utama Shopping Centre from today till 14 April 2019 and will then make its way to Johor and Penang. For more details on Haier’s prior offerings from last year you can check out our coverage here. For details on the Haier Beyond Lifestyle roadshow swing by www.haier.com.my

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