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Haier Malaysia has won The BrandLaureate Prominent Business Bestbrands Awards for Consumer Home Appliances 2018!

10-03 2018

Haier has been awarded this very special and prestigious The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Award 2018. Ogranised by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF), the world's only brands and branding foundation.

The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards 2018 is an affirmation and celebration of brand supremacy and excellence. This by invitation only award is exclusively reserved forthe creme de la creme of brands that are in a league of their own. Recipients of the BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards are distinctive and eminent in their respective field. Amongst consumers, they are the chosen or preferred choice. In achieving this position, they have created good and lasting perceptions that are embossed and imprinted in the consumers' minds. This is the hallmark of successful brands; brands that inspire and impact our lives and that of communities with their dynamism and positive attributes.