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Haier Targets 30% Sales Growth in Malaysia

03-04 2024

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 October 2023: Haier has reaffirmed its commitment to Malaysia and set its sights on attaining 30% sales growth by December 2023. The global home appliance and consumer electronics brand launched nine state-of-the-art products, consisting of a refrigerator, two washing machines, a dryer, a ventilation hood and a gas hob, two TVs, and a water heater.

In 2022, Haier recorded 25% year-on-year growth in sales on the back of increasingly greater market acceptance. This is buoyed by continued trust and confidence from customers, as evinced by Haier being recognised as the Global No. 1 Major Appliance Brand for 14 consecutive years since 2009[1].

As part of the growth plan, Haier is expanding its network of retail points in Malaysia by adding more Haier Brand Shops to widen reach and be closer to customers. To date, there are 43 Haier Brand Shops operating in key locations and major cities nationwide. This expansion allows customers to view the latest Haier products and technologies designed with the ‘Smart Living’ philosophy to continuously improve discerning customers’ lifestyles with innovative technology.

Haier Malaysia Managing Director Fan Jing said, “Haier offers a full range of quality home appliances tailored to provide comfort and convenience and meet the needs of discerning customers. Users’ needs are the most important aspect in Haier’s product development. Having R&D centres worldwide helps us in this regard. We are consistently conducting market research and engaging in conversations with customers and dealers to better understand Malaysian wants and needs.”

“Our customer-first approach to enable ‘Smart Living’ through innovative products that provide comfort and convenience to elevate customers’ lives extends to customer service as well. We aim to enhance satisfaction through personalised attention and interaction. Going forward, we see Malaysia continuing to be a key market for Haier as it has for the past two decades. We hope to continue meeting the expectations of Malaysians and growing alongside them,” Fan continued.

All Haier products feature advanced technology that helps to make living safer, better and more enjoyable. The new large capacity refrigerator unveiled at the ongoing HOMEDEC 2023 incorporates Haier’s revolutionary anti-bacteria doors that reduce up to 99.9% cross-contamination from the outside to the food in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, the new washing models revealed are engineered with precision laser welding technology to result in a seamless and smooth drum surface, which are gentle on fabrics, and are powered by Super Inverter technology to give better savings in water and electricity usage.

Haier channels user experience into its products, evident in the new dryer model’s micron-level steam and I-Refresh technology for superior fabric care, while the new kitchen ventilation hood has an AI Motor with Smart Air Flow technology for intuitive extraction power enhancement.

The new products also include the largest television in Haier Malaysia’s stable of products, a colossal 98” QLED TV with a bezel-less design for an expansive viewing experience. At the same time, Haier Malaysia also launched its first OLED TV.

The reliability of the electricity leakage and Earth-leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) in any water heater is critical and Haier’s new water heater is engineered with shockproof technology to prevent such failures.

Haier anticipates the introduction of these new products in addition to the existing lineup, will significantly boost the company’s expansion within Malaysia.

[1] Source: Euromonitor International Limited