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    • HSU - 09 LTF18
    HSU - 09 LTF18

    R32 Non-Inverter Series


    • Turbo Cool
      Turbo Cool
    • 100% Copper
      100% Copper
    • Blue Fin
      Blue Fin
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    • Capacity (W)
    • Net Width x Depth x Height (mm)
    • Capacity(BTU)
    • Refrigerant
      Turbo Cool
      Reach the temperature that you set faster, even in the warm Malaysian climate.
      Strong Air Flow
      Extends airflow for up to 20 meters with the expanded inlet air area and improved air channel.
      strong air flow
      100% Copper
      Grooved with inner slots to enlarge contact area, increasing heat exchange efficiency by 30% - 50%.
      Blue Fin Evaporator for Anti Corrosion
      The evaporator is coated with special anti-corrosion painting to improve its durability. The hydrophlic aluminum foil guarantees condensate flows smoothly to enhance anti-corrosion performance.
      Comfortable Sleep Mode
      While the "Sleep" mode is on, the air conditioner is set to milder temperature. It allows you to have peaceful and comfortable sleeping experience.
      comfort sleep

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"name":"CAPACITY (W)","Field":[{"W":"2640"},{"BTU":"9000"},{"Type":"Non Inverter"}]},{"name":"POWER INPUT (W)","Field":[{"Cooling":"760"}]},{"name":"CSPF","Field":[{"CSPF":"3.24"}]},{"name":"STAR RATING","Field":[{"STAR RATING":"3"}]},{"name":"RUNNING CURRENT (A)","Field":[{"RUNNING CURRENT (A)-Cooling":"3.1"}]},{"name":"POWER SUPPLY (PH/V/HZ)","Field":[{"POWER SUPPLY (PH/V/HZ)":"1/220/50"}]},{"name":"AIR CIRCULATION (M3/H)","Field":[{"AIR CIRCULATION (M3/H)":"600"}]},{"name":"MOISTURE REMOVAL (10 ̄3M3/H)","Field":[{"MOISTURE REMOVAL (10 ̄3M3/H)":"1.20"}]},{"name":"REFRIGERANT PIPE (MM )","Field":[{"Liquid Side Diameter":"6.35"},{"Gas Side Diameter":"9.52"}]},{"name":"INDOOR","Field":[{"INDOOR-Net Dimension (W*D*H) mm":"865*200*290"},{"Package Dimension (W*D*H)mm":"954*279*355"},{"INDOOR-Net Weight (kg)":"9.5"},{"INDOOR-Gross Weight (kg)":"11.5"},{"Noise [dB(A)] (Hi/Mid/Lo/So)":"40/38/35"},{"Vertical Auto Swing Louver":"Yes"},{"Horizontal Auto Swing Louver ":"No"}]},{"name":"OUTDOOR","Field":[{"Net Dimension (W*D*H) mm":"695*245*430"},{"Package Dimension (W*D*H) mm":"848*363*515"},{"Net Weight (kg)":"23.5"},{"Gross Weight (kg)":"26.0"},{"Noise [dB(A)]":"53"},{"Max Pipe Length (m)":"15"},{"Max Pipe Height (m)":"10"},{"Chargeless Piping Length (m)":"5"},{"Amount of Additional Refrigerant (g/m)":"20"},{"Amount of Gas(g)":"520"},{"Power Supply":"Indoor"},{"Metering Device":"Capillary Tube"}]}]}
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