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    • BD-788HP
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    6-in 1 Convertible Chest Freezer, 750L


    • *Up to 100 Hours Cooling 
      *Up to 100 Hours Cooling  Retention
    • 3D Reverse Cycle (Energy Saving)
      3D Reverse Cycle (Energy Saving)
    • Full Space Freezing
      Full Space Freezing
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    • Net Width x Depth x Height (mm)
    • Gross Capacity
    • Control Type
      *Up to 100 Hours of Cooling Retention
      Capable of a longer cooling retention period with its high-density foaming, even during a power outage.*Result is based on Haier’s internal lab test conditions, individual results may vary.
      5 Dimension Cooling System
      Five-sided evaporator technology with additional bottom refrigeration allows thorough freezing.
      3D Reverse Cycle (Energy Saving)
      Air circulation from the bottom to the top creates a uniform temperature that keeps stored food thoroughly frozen.

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      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Type":"Chest Freezer"},{"Colour":"White"}],"name":"CATEGORY"},{"Field":[{"Gross (Liter)":"750L"},{"Net (Liter)":"719L"}],"name":"CAPACITY"},{"Field":[{"Gross (mm)":"1935*880*895"},{"Net (mm)":"1860*855*845"}],"name":"DIMENSION (W*D*H)"},{"Field":[{"Gross (kg)":"101"},{"Net (kg)":"86"}],"name":"WEIGHT"},{"Field":[{"°C":"8 ~ -24℃"}],"name":"TEMPERATURE RANGE"},{"Field":[{"Refrigerant":"R290a"}],"name":"COOLANT"},{"Field":[{"Classification":"T"}],"name":"CLIMATE CLASS"},{"Field":[{"Type":"PCM"}],"name":"INNER LINER"},{"Field":[{"Type":"Manual"}],"name":"CONTROL TYPE"},{"Field":[{"Additional Fan Ventilation":"-"},{"Balance Hinge":"√"},{"Interior LED Light":"√"},{"Handle & Lock":"√"},{"Universal Wheel":"√"},{"Cooling w/o Power":"*up to 100 Hours (*Result based on Haier internal lab test condition. Individual results may vary.)"},{"Convertible Cooling":"√"},{"Fast Freezing":"√"},{"Number of Basket":"2"}],"name":"FEATURES"}]}

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      Update Date 2020-08-19
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