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Question: What to do when the Haier TV is not turning ON ?


There can be circumstances when your Haier TV doesn't turn on. It might be due to power failure, issues with the power socket or the TV. Please follow the basic suggestion to find out if the problem is with the power source or the TV.


● Please check the current supply in that power source is coming properly or not. If there is any electricity supply problem in socket then please contact your electrician. You can connect some other device to same socket in order to confirm the same.

● If the supply is fine, please check the supply wire whether it is properly inserted or not from both the ends.

● Check the power switch of the television whether it is jammed or not. 

Operate the remote control power button or the remote control VOL+/VOL-

If the problem still persists, the TV may be malfunctioning, please call the local service center for help.

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