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Question: Can my Haier TV be installed on wall ?


Yes, Haier TV can be installed on wall with the help of a Wall Mount Bracket. Wall Mount Bracket is a support projecting from a wall so as to hold a TV. Now, once you know that your Haier TV can be installed on wall , the next important step is to identify the perfect location to place it.

Choosing the Right Wall Space : 

● You should plan to mount your TV at a height where the center of the screen is eye level when you are seated.

● Avoid setting up your TV facing large windows, doors, etc., where sunlight may fall directly across the screen.

● TV screens tend to be easier on the eye when used in brightly lit rooms due to their inherent anti-glare technology, yet any bright source of light shining onto the screen surface will surely ruin your viewing experience.

● The viewing distance between your TV and your seating area should theoretically be between 2 to 3 times the screen width.

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