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Question: Remote control can’t work normally



1.No batteries

2.Remote control problem

3.Shop mode functionality


  1. If the remote control is abnormal, unstable or unable to control the TV, please replace with new batteries.


  2. Check whether the receiving window of the remote control is blocked by other objects or the angle of the remote control (with the TV remote control window as the vertex, the controlled angle in the left and right directions is not less than plus or minus 30 degrees, and the vertical direction is not less than plus or minus 15 degrees),Check if the remote control is within the range of the machine (valid within 8 meters of the remote control in front of you).


  3. Check if the TV is in "Shopping Mode", some popup menus appear on the screen, the remote control is not available, please press the "Exit" key, then set the home mode

  4. After the above operations, if your remote control still cannot be used normally, you can choose to replace the remote control or call the service department for help.

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