Question: Strong vibration while spinning


 Reason 1.transportation bolts have not been removed before use.

Solution 1.Remove all transportation bolts.(Note There are normally 4 bolts, but some models have only 3 bolt)


1.Remove the back cover.

2.Remove all the transportation bolts on the rear side and take out the synthetic stabilisers from within the machine.

3.Replace the back cover.

4.Fill the holes left by the bolts with blanking plugs.



1.When you replace the back cover, the convexity must face to outside, and you have to insert the back cover from the two gaps as shown in fig. 5.

2.Keep the transportation bolts and synthetic stabilisers in a safe place for later use.



Reason 2.Washing machine is located on an uneven surface or is not level.

Solution 2.Adjust the feet to make level.


Reason 3.Machine load is over the rated capacity.

Solution 3.Reduce amount of laundry in the drum.


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