Question: Control panel display Err2 or drainage failure


 Reason 1.Drain hose end is higher than 100 cm above the floor level.

Solution 1.Make sure the drain hose end is between 80-100 cm above floor level.


Reason 2.The filter is blocked.

Solution 2.Clean the filter once a month: If you don’t clean it usually, the drain pump will not pump out water  due to clogged , perhaps will display Err2.

1.Pull out the bottom cover with thin objects to tools carefully.

2.Pull the drain hose out of the sewage set in the bottom panel. Hold the drain hose into a water container, take out the plastic plug and let the excess water flow into the container. Reinstall the plug and push the hose back.

3.Remove the filter by turning counterclockwise.

4.Fluse the filter clean with running water.

5.Replace the filter by turning clockwise and remount the cover.


Reason 3.Drain hose is blocked.

Solution 3.Clean the drain hose for blockage.

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