Question: How to clean the wash tub and spin tub?


Use the water to clean the tub wall of the wash tub and the spin tub, and use the brush to scrub.

The safeguard cover must be used during washing.

The surface must be cleaned every time after washing.

The underside of the cover must be cleaned every period of time.

1. Take off the safeguard cover. Use the thumb to fasten the indicated groove then take it out as the direction of the figure.

2. Clean the underside of the cover

Use the nipper or other spindly clamps to take out the lint, sundries etc.

3. Install the safeguard cover

After finish cleaning, fasten the safeguard cover to the tub bottom, infirm the claw install correctly and hard to fall off.

Too much lint on the overflow filter will influence the normal usage of the machine. Please clean it every two months.

1.Take off the overflow filter. As indicated in the figure, nip the elastic fixing claw and pull it to the direction of the arrow to take it off.

2. Take off the corrugation pipe. Dismantle the upper part of the corrugation pipe inside the overflow filter.

3. Cleaning the overflow filter. Clean the lint around the filter and flush with tap water.

4. Install the overflow filter.

(1).Install the corrugation pipe.

(2).Insert the mounting plate at the bottom of the filter into the valve cover.

(3).Hang up the hook at the left upper side.

(4).Push the upper part in as indicated in picture.


The lint filter must be used during washing.

It must be cleaned in time after each using.

  1. Take off the lint filter. Put hand at the indicated position. Push down to take it off.

  1. Clean the lint. Put it in water and clean while it is still wet.

    3. Install the lint filter. After cleaning, insert the bottom of the lint filter (marked with "down side") into the overflow filter, then push the upper part of the filter in (marked with "upside ").




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