Question: Abnormal starting or stopping.


1, Starting time of an inverter type refrigerator is longer than ordinary ones.

This is normal.

As an inverter type refrigerator accomplishes speed conversion depending on conditions, it operates at low speed most of the time. Under the same conditions an inverter type refrigerator will operate for a longer time than ordinary ones, but it will not increase its power consumption as it operates at low speed most of the time. In this aspect, it is similar to a heat preservation electric cooker. When it reaches the heat preservation temperature, it almost does not consume electricity. So an inverter type refrigerator will not consume more power due to long operation time.

2, Start and stop frequently.

This is normal.

Start-to-start period of a refrigerator is not constant. It depends on ambient temperature and food stored in it. Even if you test them according to applicable national standards, not all refrigerators have the same start-to-start period as systematic control requirements must be considered when a refrigerator is designed. For example, for mechanical refrigerator, if different thermostats are used, the duty ratio will be different, but there is min requirement for its start-to-start period. Generally a start-to-start period should not be less than 12 minutes. That is to say, it should not start more than 5 times in an hour.

3, Refrigerator of multiple temperature zones operates for very short period of time sometimes.

This is normal.

Ordinary refrigerators of single temperature zone control temperature with only one thermostat or sensor. The control is simple and this phenomenon will not occur. But refrigerators of multiple temperature zones control several temperature zones independently. When the compressor stops, a -7℃ temperature zone may require to refrigerate separately. Sometimes a -7℃ temperature zone can reach the preset temperature only after it operates for only a few minutes. So you will find the refrigerator starts again after it just stopped and operates for only a few minutes. This is a normal phenomenon for this kind of refrigerator.

4, The entire body of a newly bought refrigerator is in relatively high temperature.

This is normal.

After it is powered on, it needs very long time to decrease the temperature of all sections. In summer the ambient temperature is high, the operation time will increase remarkably, especially for large refrigerators. Sometimes it needs even one day for the refrigerator to become stable. The operation and standby periods will become normal after the refrigerator enters stable state. Please don't worry about it.


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