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    • HWM120-1678ES5-01
    • HWM120-1678ES5-02
    • HWM120-1678ES5-03
    • HWM120-1678ES5-04
    • HWM120-1678ES5-05

    Top Load Series


    • Rear Control Panel
      Rear Control Panel
    • Anti-Bacterial Pulsator
      Anti-Bacterial Pulsator
    • Pillow Drum
      Pillow Drum
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    • Colour
      Brown Grey
    • Washing Capacity
      10 kg
    • Net (Width x Depth x Height mm)
    • Motor
      Normal Motor
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      FeatureBanner_HW100-1678ES5 & HW120-1678ES5-02
      FeatureBanner_HW100-1678ES5 & HW120-1678ES5-03
      FeatureBanner_HW100-1678ES5 & HW120-1678ES5-04
      FeatureBanner_HW100-1678ES5 & HW120-1678ES5-05
      FeatureBanner_HW100-1678ES5 & HW120-1678ES5-06
      FeatureBanner_HW100-1678ES5 & HW120-1678ES5-07

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      Front Load Series


      • Colour Dark Jade Silver
      • Washing Capacity 10 kg
      • Drying Capacity 6 kg
      • Net Width x Depth x Height (mm) 595*617*850

      Front Load Series


      • Colour White
      • Washing Capacity 10 kg
      • Drying Capacity 6kg
      • Net Width x Depth x Height (mm) 595 x 530 x850

      Front Load Series


      • Colour White
      • Washing Capacity 8kg
      • Net (Width x Depth x Height mm) 595*468*850
      • Motor Super Inverter

      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Model code":"HWM100-1678ES5"}],"name":"MODEL"},{"Field":[{"Type":"Top Load"}],"name":"CATEGORY"},{"Field":[{"Wash":"10"}],"name":"Capacity (KG)"},{"Field":[{"Dimension-Net":"580*590*1015"},{"Dimension-Gross":"671*671*1115"}],"name":"Dimension (W*D*H,mm)"},{"Field":[{"Weight-Net":"39"},{"Weight-Gross":"45"}],"name":"Weight (KG)"},{"Field":[{"Motor Type":"Normal Motor"}],"name":"Motor"},{"Field":[{"Hijab Mode":"√"},{"Pillow Drum":"√"},{"Rear Control":"√"},{"Stainless steel tub":"√"},{"Stainless steel pulsator":"○"},{"Screen Touch control":"○"},{"Dispenser":"√"},{"Glass top lid":"√"},{"ABT Pulsator":"√"},{"Auto Restart":"√"},{"Free Closing Door":"√"}],"name":"FEATURES"}]}

      User Guides

      File Name HWM100-1678ES5 User Manual
      Update Date 2022-02-18
      File Size 7.98MB
      Disclaimer: Design, features and specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

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