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    Semi Auto Series


    • Air Dry
    • Control Knob
    • Magic Filter
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    • Colour
    • Washing Capacity
    • Net Width x Depth x Height (mm)
    • Motor
      Air Dry
      Designed to remove most of the moisture remaining in clothes to give the best drying result.
      Control Knob.jpg
      Easy to Place
      User friendly and you can put it anywhere be it wet or dry, indoor or outdoor.
      Easy to Place.png
      Rat Guard Baseplate Protection
      Protects the wire from rat bites.
      Transparent Lid
      The transparent top lid makes it easy for you to monitor your washing load when needed.
      Transparent Lid.jpg
      Peace of Mind
      Our washing machine comes with 2 years general and 5 years motor warranty for ease of mind.

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Type":"Twin Loading"}],"name":"CATEGORY"},{"Field":[{"WASHING-Capacity (Kg)":"7"}],"name":"WASHING"},{"Field":[{"SPINING-Capacity (Kg)":"5"}],"name":"SPINING"},{"Field":[{"Top Lid":"Plastic"}],"name":"MATERIAL"},{"Field":[{"WASH-Power":"380"}],"name":"WASH"},{"Field":[{"SPIN-Power":"165"}],"name":"SPIN"},{"Field":[{"DIMENSION (W*D*H) MM -Net":"760*445*941"},{"DIMENSION (W*D*H) MM -Gross":"785*460*983"}],"name":"DIMENSION (W*D*H) MM"},{"Field":[{"WEIGHT (KG) -Net":"19"},{"WEIGHT (KG) -Gross":"22"}],"name":"WEIGHT (KG)"},{"Field":[{"Transparent Lid":"√"},{"High Rib Agitator":"√"},{"Air Dry":"√"},{"Control Mode":"Timer"},{"Soak Wash":"35 (Soak 20 + Wash 15)"},{"Dynamic Balance":"Selectable"},{"Water Inlet Selection":"Selectable"}],"name":"FEATURES"}]}

      User Guides

      File Name HWM70-SX3 User manual.pdf
      Update Date 2019-05-28
      File Size 2.37MB
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