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Haier is the leader in the home appliances market in Pakistan with an overall market share of 32 %.  Haier leads in most major home appliance categories including air conditioners and washing machines and refrigerators and deep freezers. To date it is the only company in Pakistan producing locally assembles laptops. 

Haier’s manufacturing facility is located in the Haier industrial park in Lahore and sprawls 63 acres with a built up area of 1,000,000 sq. feet housing various production lines. With a designed production capacity of  3,000,000 units p.a. across all product categories Haier Pakistan’s product portfolio has expanded rapidly from the refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines to include Deep freezers, commercial air conditioners, laptops, LED TVs, microwave ovens, water dispensers, and small domestic products together comprising several hundred models of home appliances.

Aggressively implementing a policy of taking Haier to the doorsteps of the people, Haier Pakistan has built up a strong sales and distribution network comprising of 3,000 dealerships and dedicated sales shops covering the length and breadth of Pakistan. This is supported by an equally strong network of after sales service and maintenance outlets manned by well trained technicians.

Branding experience


Haier becomes first company to assemble Laptops in Pakistan

  Haier has chalked up another achievement, becoming the first company in Pakistan to manufacture laptops – a development that puts Pakistan on the road to acquiring the necessary expertise in the manufacture of hi-tech electronics.The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) has been introduced for the motherboard circuit design/printing, a state-of-the-art laptop manufacture factory set up, Chinese engineers give continuous training to local staffs for manufacture and quality control technology transfer Haier Pakistan has clinched a government order to supply 200,000 locally manufactured Haier brand laptops to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), a constitutionally established independent, autonomous body which oversees, regulates and funds initiatives in the higher education sector in Pakistan. The laptops will be given to shining students in the nation’s leading colleges and universities as part of the Prime Minister’s initiative for free laptops for shining students.
Haier “Save Water Save Pakistan” Campaign

  Haier promoters carried large banners disseminating important information on the need and ways to consume water. The objective of the campaign was to generate positive publicity for Haier Brand, reflect good corporate governance and engagement with masses at a social level. All in all it was a successful campaign, which also coincided with the World water Day.
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The Haier group was set up in 1984 in Qingdao, China. In just over two decades as per Euromonitor Statistics of 2003, Haier was ranked as the 2nd largest Home Appliances brand in the world.
Values & Technology
Haier’s revenues have shot up fourfold since 2000 with an annual Group turnover of 180.3 billion yuan, US $ 29.5 billion. Haier has 24 industrial parks, 5 R&D centers, 66 trading companies, 143330 sales outlets and more than 70,000 employees around the world. The product range comprises of over 15,100 models in 96 categories.
Continuous innovation is the soul of Haier’s corporate culture. Haier has been widely recognized as a leader of nine products in terms of domestic market shares and the 3rd player of three products in the world market and world-class company in the fields of home integration, network appliances, digital and large scale integrated circuits and new materials.
Haier has long attached significance to innovation in satisfying the demands of worldwide consumers and realizing win-win performance between Haier and clients. Haier has currently obtained more than 7,000 patented technology certificates and 589 software intellectual property rights. Haier has hosted and taken part in modification of about 100 technological standards. Haier technology of safe care water heaters and dual drive washing machines has been proposed to the IEC Criteria.
Branding Strategy
Haier’s global branding strategy aims at positioning the company as a local brand in different world markets in conjunction with enhanced product competitiveness and strong corporate operations. Haier’s international business framework encompasses a global network of design, procurement, production, distribution and after-sale services. Today, Haier has established 15 industrial complexes, 30 overseas production factories and bases, 8 design centers and over 58,000 sales agents worldwide.
With the concept of “customers as the foundation of growth”, Haier provides a one-stop star service to its customers. production, manufacturing, to pre-sale, under sales and after sales service. Since 2002, Haier has successfully established a network of over 5,000 domestic professional service suppliers to deliver timely customized service.
Haier has established an extensive sales network around the globe. Key partners in perspective markets include:
China :Strategic alliance with Suning and Gome chain stores
America :Cooperation with TOP 10 retailers, e.g. SEARS, Lowe’s, HOME DEPOT,Best Buy, PC-Richard, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Costco, Brands Mart and Target
Japan :Cooperation with TOP 10 retailers, e.g. YAMADA, KOJIMA and JUSCO
Europe :Cooperation with KESA, Media Market and Carrefour

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