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Haier Tops Euromonitor's Major Appliances Global Brand Rankings for Seventh Consecutive Year

01-22 2016

Haier Tops Euromonitors Major Appliances Global Brand Rankings for Seventh Consecutive Year


Beijing, January 20th, 2016 - Haier, the world’s leading home appliances and consumer electronics brand, has once again been named by Euromonitor International as the number one major appliances brand in the world. This is the seventh consecutive year that Haier has received the accolade recognizing the company as the largest home appliances globally by market share. According to data released by Euromonitor International, which is an independent and leading global provider of business intelligence on industries, countries, companies and consumers, Haier attained a 9.8% market share of global retail volumes in 2015.


A transformation in the global major appliances market was witnessed in 2015, with consumers increasingly using Internet platforms to call for individualized product requirements. Outdated and closed industrial manufacturing systems are today unable to satisfy these bespoke demands of the individual customer. Companies therefore need to be able to listen and react to consumers’ changing needs in order to stand out from the market. In spite of weak growth in the global home appliances market, Haier was able to succeed and maintain its recognized position as the world’s leading home appliances manufacturer largely owing to its ability and desire to adapt its business model to the Internet age and the shifting demands of connected consumers.


Haier has created an entire ecosystem that nurtures innovative ways to engage with its consumers. Online factories are such an example. They are a model of manufacturing developed by Haier in line with future visions as set out in Industry 4.0. Haier has already launched a number of these online factories, including a refrigerator factory in Shenyang and an air conditioner factory in Zhengzhou. By linking their consumers to factories and suppliers, Haier’s consumers have become designers and are able to directly take part in the R&D and manufacturing processes for new products. This is in line with the company’s aspiration to make the world both their R&D Department and their Human Resources Department.


These new ways of engaging with its customers as well as Haier’s increasing utilization of popular smart home solutions led to the development of a number of notable product launch successes in 2015. Examples such as the company’s Clean-Free washing machine – that cleans its tub while washing clothes – helped Haier gain top spot in Euromonitor’s International product category ranking for Home Laundry Appliances. Likewise, its Xinchu Refrigerator – that connects to the Internet to become an interactive platform enabling users to watch videos and order food while cooking – was another product hit in 2015, helping Haier top the Refrigeration Appliances product category ranking. Haier also ranked first in Euromonitor’s International rankings in two other product categories: Freezers and Electrical Wine Coolers/Chillers.


Going forward into 2016, Haier, which announced a strategic partnership agreement with General Electric as well as the acquisition of GE Appliances last Friday, January 15, plans to continue its evolution from a traditional manufacturing company into a platform to incubate entrepreneurs. Haier will continue to build its co-creation platform in 2016 as part of its commitment to win together through integrity and create value for all its stakeholders.

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