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Haier Inverter Air Conditioner Won the 2017 Pakistan PAS Award

05-29 2017

Haier Inverter Air Conditioner Won the 2017 Pakistan PAS Award


Recently, the results of PAS Award of year 2017 in communication, computer, household appliances and other categories have been announced in Pakistan. The theme series of marketing activities of Haier full direct-current inverter air conditioning won the PAS Award. Haier is the only brand in the household appliances industry that wins this award.


Organized and selected by Pakistan Advertising Association, PAS Award is the highest award in the marketing industry in Pakistan. It is honored as the "Oscar" in advertising industry in Pakistan. Over ten leading brands of household appliances and communication from Japan, South Korea, China, and Pakistan participated in the selection. Finally, Haier air conditioning won the recognition of the jury by the creative marketing campaign of smart inverter and eventually won the PAS Award.

It is known that Pakistan is in lack of electric power resources. The outage in cities lasts four to six hours a day. The voltage is extremely unstable. Coupled with the high temperature in summer, the temperature in some areas even reaches up to 50℃. The harsh local service environment sets a higher requirement for the air conditioning. Therefore, Haier launched series of smart inverter air conditioning including Nebula and Dawn, which can start normally in the low voltage of 150V. The refrigerant velocity has increased by 47% than the ordinary air conditioning. And the energy saving of the inverter reaches up to 66%. The efficient and quick refrigerant has been realized. At the same time, through the smart linkage between WIFI and the air conditioning, users' comfort requirements for temperature can be met in the shortest time.

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