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Haier Pakistan Brand Seminar Held at PC Lahore on January 1st, 2013

01-10 2013

The 2013 Haier Brand Seminar was held on 1st Jan, 2013 at PC Hotel Lahore. The trend of innovation continued as Haier unveiled its latest product range for the coming year.


“2012 was a remarkable gain in terms of consumer confidence and brand fame in Pakistan. We have grown by 40% as we keep winning more and more households. “ Said Mr.Yujun Song, CEO, Haier Pakistan.

New Products Launch

As always, Haier plans to cut the market clutter by offering products that understand the Pakistan audience with superior technology and ease of use. Newer styles, colours and capacities have been put forward for refrigerators and freezers. Washing machines will have new models of stylish, durable and convenient machines. The 2013 air conditioning models cater to the needs of energy efficiency without compromising on product looks and performance. Multiple size and featured LEDs were also displayed alongside newer kitchen & domestic appliances like water dispensers and meat mincers.

2013 Growth and Expansion Plans

Haier’s focus is not just market penetration and competition with imported products but also the expansion of other business operations in Pakistan. The Haier Freezer Factory, built this year will start its operations in 2013. An investment in a production plant for automatic washing machines will also see the day’s light this year. “The idea is not just to be a brand that inspires people into smarter lifestyles but also to be a corporate entity that adds to the society and economy around it.”, concluded Mr.Yujun Song, CEO, Haier Pakistan.

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