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The World Witness the Three “Greatest”of Haier AC

09-16 2015

The World Witness the Three “Greatest”of Haier AC


On Sep. 17 more than 150 professional managers from 36 different countries and areas will come together in Qingdao, China attending the largest Haier AC Global Conference for the past 20 years

These industrial professionals will come together to the global leading interconnection factories of Haier to experience the great achievement in INDUSTRY 4.0 and to witness the new products launching of Haier AC.

With the three“Greatest” of Haier AC , the smallest footprint, the most energy saving and the least GHGs emission, each of the three new products will make a breakthrough in the industrial challenge,the building energy efficiency for different space from 10㎡ to100,000㎡. Haier AC will provide the best solution.

Haier Oil-Free Centrifugal Central Air-Conditioning, who already creates several “Greatest” in the industry, will release breakthrough achievement.

On Sep. 17, in Qingdao,China, Come together, come all the answers!


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