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Haier Invents “Air Washing” A Third Method for Washing Clothes

03-26 2018

Haier Invents “Air Washing”

A Third Method for Washing Clothes


Haier Group’s high end brand Casarte exhibited a new air washing machine using leading air technology March 8, 2018 at the 2018 Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE) held in Shanghai, China. The innovative system marks the beginning of a new era as a third cleaning method, after washing with water and dry cleaning.

Washing machine technology is being constantly upgraded. However, leather, velvet, silk, cashmere and fur are so valuable and hard to care for properly, regular household washing machines simply don’t cut it- making it impossible to clean high end fabrics at home.

But now Haier has changed this. At 2018 AWE, Haier demonstrated its air washing solution for cleaning high-end garments using fiber-grade, micro vapor molecule care. The new technique cleans and restores the fabrics without them coming into contact with water, providing a washing method that cleans while not harming garments.

At the demonstration, the Casarte air washing machine showed that after being cleaned using the air washing technique, a down jacket remained even and fluffy and a cashmere jumper kept its beautiful color and luster; both maintaining their original texture. Experts in the industry concluded that Casarte’s air washing has kicked off a high end washing era for home washing machines.

History of Innovation:

Haier has been a leading company in the domestic market for over 20 years and has taken its place as a world player in the last nine years. According to data from Euromonitor International, in 2017, Haier washers ranked No 1 globally for the ninth time with a 14.6 percent market share.

Haier has established 10 + N R&D systems around the world. Haier focuses its leadership on its “Three in One” globalization strategy to establish 23 creation spaces around the world to quickly respond to the requirements of local users and produce high quality and differentiated products to satisfy individual washing needs around the globe. This is the foundation for the overall strength of Haier washers.

Haier has a history of innovation. In 2002, Haier invented and promoted the dual power washer. It used a powerful, double wheel, drive design that greatly improved cleanliness. In 2014, Haier’s Self-Cleaning washing machine was rolled out. The innovative “smart ball” technology solved the problem of dirty drums and led the “healthy washing” trend. To support customers who worried about their washing machines being too loud, Haier once again innovated the direct drive motor to replace the belt motor. This reduced noise from the source and achieved a degree of stability such that you could stand a coin on its edge on top of a Haier washing machine in use, and it would not fall off. Haier is constantly looking at technological innovation to support different consumer needs.

Smart Washing, Smart Solutions

At this year’s AWE, Haier also released the world’s first smart washing set of solutions. Haier’s washing machines use IoT identification technology to connect smart washers, SR Virtual Reality Fitting Rooms, smart shoe washer, smart shoe care machines and other sets of smart products. At the same time, they are linked to detergent manufacturer resources, nationwide water quality resources and clothing brand resources. Together they analyze the detergent parameters, water quality information, the garments ‘type of fabrics’ and more comprehensive data. The result of all this big data is a tailor- made washing cycle, ultimately providing users with a full-lifecycle smart washing experience from the moment of purchasing the garment, to washing and caring for it and of course wearing it.

Under the “individual-order Combination Model”, Haier has maintained vitality in the industry. Haier continues to grow in an environment where similar product quality in washers across brands is serious. It continuously pushes forward the development of the washing machine industry at a fast speed. For China, Haier washing machines are considered innovative and excellent examples and proof of “Chinese Quality”. For global customers, Haier is changing their ways of life as it brings them constant innovation and demonstrates the leading and professional washing power of Haier as a top international brand.




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