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Haier's Brand Seminar Revolutionizes Appliances

03-23 2019

Haier’s Brand Seminar Revolutionizes Appliances

Haier has always proved itself to be a brand for everyone. It is expected from Haier to lead the way to better and bigger things in Home Appliances Market.The recent brand seminar held on 23rd January was a symbol of that. Haier like always came up with a solution for all. From refrigerators to Air Conditioners, every new product was revolutionized and upgraded for the betterment.

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Haier being the first brand has introduced IOT commercially throughout Pakistan with its Laundromat venture. The event like many other endeavors by Haier was a huge success. The Brand Seminar is an event annually held by Haier to showcase their latest products for the dealers and Haier family. It includes Launches of Haier home appliances and product demonstrations. The users get to experience Haier’s latest home appliances and get to experience them first hand.

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There were Zalmi players expressing their excitement for the Brand Seminar 2019 with several social media shout-outs. There were Zalmi players like Kamran Akmal, Umar Ameen, Sohaib Maqsood and others at brand seminar 2019, who were excited to attend the event full of innovative launches, music and live demonstrations.The reach for just one day of Brand Seminar 2019 was more than 6.8 Million and more than 11 Million impressions were served on 23rd January. It generated trending all across the digital platforms from Twitter to Facebook with everyone talking about the newly launched products of Haier and their advanced features.                                                                             Event Pictures (5).jpeg      EF5A9505.JPG

Live Stream was a mega success with innumerable views which had product demonstrations and experience zones for the viewers. There were many trendsetters who belonged to different walks of life e.g. lifestyle experts who were keen to attend the event to oversee the launches that were planned by Haier.

Haier’s hashtag “iBrandSeminar” and “iSmartLiving” were trending all day with engagements shooting through the roof with a figure of 8 lakhs plus, the ad recall hit the 290,000 mark with more than 7 lakhs 50,000 video views, the facts and figure proved that Haier is still the trendsetter in the digital hemisphere.

The success of the seminar was that the launched products soon became the talk of the town, from Haier Air Conditioner which provides the ultimate Air Solution, refrigerator with the IFD Inverter technology which increases cooling and is energy efficient.

Then there was Washing Machine with triple drive system which gives the user a tough wash for tough stains and its pillow drum keep clothes fibers undamaged. Haier LED with its 86 inches size in true android smart platform gives its user the best visual experience and sharing in a smarter way without Wi-Fi. Haier Kitchen Appliances are safer for the users with their Cooking ranges having inbuilt feature to switch off gas for safety reasons.                                                       

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Haier deep Freezers have upgraded to inverter technology to save energy and a glass door to enhance the look of the kitchen. Online order booking of these products began as soon as they were launched, Haier offered an exciting product policy designed for the dealers to avail mega incentives on each purchase during brand seminar.

Haier Brand Seminar was a success according to the attendees at the Seminar itself after visiting the experience zones and all the major news outlets covering the Brand Seminar 2019 held it up as a wholesome success. The event was not only informational but entertaining with music, Zalmi players and 5 lucky winners amongst the dealers who won special gifts from Haier.

One of the dealers said that he has always trusted Haier as a brand that kept the innovations up to the mark and a brand that inherently cares about their consumers truly. There is achievement in numbers and facts but for Haier true achievement lies in the passion, loyalty and the uplifting words of their dealers and consumers.


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