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Haier Laundromat Comes to Punjab University, Becomes an Instant Hit

01-15 2019

Haier Laundromat Comes to Punjab University, Becomes an Instant Hit


For everyone who wants an example of a successful corporate running business, go check out Haier Laundromat today at Punjab University Girls Hostel. Laundromat is an operational washer and dryer facility now launching in Pakistan. Haier one of Pakistan’s most trusted and leading brand is now up for a new revolution in the washing and laundry industry. With Punjab University being the largest and the oldest University of Pakistan, Laundromat is for sure going to be a success.

This facility will be an all-inclusive solution for commercial and non-commercial use. It will be evolutionary for the hotels, hostels, apartments and communities to do mass laundry or for individuals who prefer doing laundry themselves to take advantage of the opportunity. 

The event started with the auspicious ribbon cutting and the recitation of Holy Quran, leading up to the Global Haier video after which the steps for Haier Laundromat, the procedure and the way to use it were explained. There were free wash coupons given away and many other fun activities amused everyone present. An introduction to guests was followed by impeccable Speeches by Chairman Peshawar Zalmi Mr. Javed Afridi, Prof, Dr. Madam Mumtaz and VC Punjab University.

The success of the Laundromat is going to be a gateway to a better life for people living in communities and hostels. The facility is a way for everyone to not only connect but to utilize the IOT to facilitate themselves in Pakistan. The Internet of Things or IoT is simply a system of objects connected to internet capable of collecting and exchanging data. It is commonly abbreviated as IoT.

The word “Internet of Things” has two main parts; Internet being the base of connectivity, and things referring to objects or devices. In this case “thing” would be Haier’s Washers and Dryers in the Laundromat facility that senses and collects data and sends it to the internet. We use an app called “Haier Wash” to connect to the machines in the Laundromat and get the update on the machines if they are being used or free to be booked.

So, the girls at the Punjab University hostel are all set to tick off laundry as a laborious chore from their list of things to do. Haier came up with smart solution for laundry on 15th Jan 2019 with its Laundromat in Punjab University Girls Hostel.

The process is simple. You have to download the app. Register and choose the option to wash clothes. You pick the machine and the procedure. You input the identifying code and pay to run your wash cycle. After the laundry is done, you collect your clothes and wear them as you please.


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