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Delegation Visit to Haier First SMT Plant in Pakistan

11-09 2018

Delegation Visit to Haier First SMT Plant in Pakistan

Haier set up the first ever World’s Most Advanced Surface Mount Technology Plant in Pakistan. This will revolutionize the way we manufacture circuit boards on such advance machines. Haier Laptops are going to be affordable. Up till now Haier has manufactured 180k laptops labeled “made in Pakistan.”

On 31 October 10 representatives from 6 universities and 2 HEC officials visited Haier’s SMT plant in Pakistan. Introduction was given to the guests by local engineers and the state-of-the-art facilities left deep impression on the visitors.

The purpose of the visit is to seek industry and academia linkage between universities and Haier. After the visit a round table discussion was held and the visitors exchanged their ideas as how to utilize these most advanced facilities to benefit the research in universities.

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