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New Haier Fully Auto Size 580mm Washing Machine Product Development 2019

09-11 2019

New Haier Fully Auto Size 580mm Washing Machine Product Development 2019

Haier Home appliances always stays on the forefront for providing upgraded and smart product solution to its consumers in Pakistan. Through product development process Haier create products with new or different characteristics that offer new and additional benefits to its customers. It can either provide a better solution by modifying the existing product or by formulating an entirely new product that satisfy the market niche.

On September the 3rd 2019 Haier Washing Machine after passing all the major steps of product development that is idea generation, research and development, testing, later analyzing has finally commercialized its 580mm of Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine under the umbrella of 'ONE TOUCH SOLUTION' which is sufficient for a washing load for a family of 6 to 10 members and comes in 4 different panels having unique features of fuzzy logic control, hand wash technology, pillow drum, delegate washing and fabric care. The washing machine have rust free body, dual lint filters to clean more dirt with faster spinning. 

Haier Washing Machine Product launch was attended by Mr. Javed Afridi Chairman Peshawar Zalmi, Mr. Noor Khan PM WM, Mr. Liu Chinese PM WM and other officials from Haier Head Office and Haier factory. Haier has always aimed to stay committed to its customers, quality and services. Haier has built a trust of its brand in the mind of its customers by providing promised value of its product.

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