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09-30 2019




Haier is one of the leading names in LED TV technology that has taken visual entertainment to a whole new level. By investing in new cutting-edge technology and by placing user experience at the center of its efforts, Haier is introducing a groundbreaking new LED TV that features Smart AI technology. Now along with amazing picture quality, consumers also get unparalleled control over how they watch content and interact with it.

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Get ready to be amazed by 4K HDR Decoding

For a Stunning Visual Experience, Haier Smart AI TV features the latest 4K HDR decoding technology. 4K HDR decoding results in incredible color, improved brightness and outstanding color contrast. It also supports HDR playback, streaming and HDMI and USB sources.

TV with a Bluetooth Remote

 Haier is launching a LED TV remote with built in Bluetooth functionality. Now you don’t need to point your remote at the LED TV to change channels or for accessing other functions. The Bluetooth Voice Remote Control also gives you access to features through voice activated controls. Now the power of your voice is all you need to stay in control of your LED TV.

Unprecedented control with Google Assistant

The built in Google Assistant allows you to quickly find the latest blockbuster, check the score of a big game or dim the lights without leaving what you’re watching. You can also download the Haier remote app to control your LED TV from your smartphone using voice instructions or touch input.

Control all your appliances with IOT

In today’s world, smart home appliances are an essential part of modern living. Haier’s new LED TV is integrated with IOT technology which allows you to link Haier smart appliances with your LED TV and control them through your smartphone. Controlling your Haier smart devices with Google Assistant & Google Home is also supported.

Double the enjoyment with Chromecast

With Chromecast, you can connect your smartphone to your LED TV and see the smartphone display in full HD. It’s perfect for giving your mobile gaming a more thrilling experience by duplicating your smartphone gaming screen to your LED TV.

Android 9 Pie with Google Play Store

Featuring the latest Android 9 Pie, now you can install the latest Google Play apps and enjoy a smooth and effortless user experience. Your favorite apps from Google Play store like YouTube Netflix, HBO, Android games and more are easily accessible. It’s easy to keep all your favorite content right in front so you can binge watch all that you want without any hassle.

The new Haier Smart AI LED TV is the perfect companion for the smart home of the future. Snap up the posh lifestyle and take your LED TV entertainment to the next level with Haier Smart AI LED TV.


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