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Haier CAC Technical Training Conference 2019

10-04 2019

 Haier CAC Technical Training Conference 2019

Haier Pakistan is soaring to new heights in product innovation and customer satisfaction. This year, Haier Pakistan Won Platinum Award in “2019 Haier Blue Reference Projects Contest”. This immaculate achievement is backed by countless efforts that Haier puts in to train their employees in order to improve customer satisfaction.

One such initiative to train employees was this 3-day Haier CAC team training at Haier China Chiller Factory in Huangado & Haier College in Qingdao. This training was held from 18th till 20th of September and was attended by over 60 professional technicians from over 30 countries.

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Since Haier CAC team is an end-to-end solution provider, from Designing, Installation, Supervision and Commissioning till maintenance, this training workshops included installation, debugging, maintenance and on-the-spot practical operation for different HVAC models including MRV 5, MRV 5-RC, Chiller, Air to Water and so on. Primary focus of this training event was on major HVAC equipment’s installation, commissioning and trouble shooting. In the training, moderators demonstrated installation of units for better understanding.

Moreover, Haier technical managers introduced and discussed all products in detail with technical managers from all over the world. Making the training session more interactive, engaging and fruitful, participants were divided in teams and were presented with the challenge of disassembling and installation from scratch.

In this training course, customers showed enthusiasm and confidence in Haier products and future business. Training workshops like these show Haier’s dedication to train, empower and educate employees to achieve their goals for 100% customer satisfaction.


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