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Haier Celebrates 35th Anniversary

12-26 2019

Haier Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Haier Celebrates its 35th Anniversary on 26th December 2019. This date marks the establishment of Haier Group in 1984. Haier Group is a world-leading provider of solutions to a beautifully inspired life. In the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, Haier always lives up to the principle of prioritizing people, focusing on user experience and keeping abreast of the times.

Haier Group is a global leading provider of better-life solutions. In the era of Internet of Things, Haier transformed from a traditional manufacturing enterprise into a win-win IoT community ecology, leading global companies to take the lead in detonating the Internet of Things economy. The founder of the company, Mr. Zhang Ruimin, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer.

Since its founding in 1984, Haier has adhered to the unique win-win management model of “Integrating Order and Personnel” during each of its disruptive innovations and radical changes, releasing the vigor and creativity of people in a real sense. Committed to self-renewal, Haier has gone through stages of brand building strategy and networking strategy. In the era of the Internet of Things, Haier continues to be a front runner in the industry by creating lifestyle-based ecological brands with its “smart home” approach.

Haier Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Haier group commenced its journey by acquiring a Qingdao-based refrigerator factory on the verge of bankruptcy before growing into an ecosystem that leads the IoT era and the sole IoT ecosystem brand among the Brand Z Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. In the IoT era, Haier’s ecosystem brand and Rendanheyi Model are leading the world.  Now Haier has emerged as one of the largest Home Appliances & Consumer electronics brands globally and completed its 35 years of successful journey in 2019. In the process of continuous entrepreneurial innovation, Haier adheres to the development line of “Human value comes first”, seizes the opportunities of the times, and originally proposed the Rendanheyi Model for the IoT era.

So, here’s to the 35 years of bringing Haier to number 1 ranking of major home appliances for a decade, persistent innovation and inspiring lives. These 35 years were full of achievement of milestones. Happy 35th Birthday to Haier.



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