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Haier's First Salesmen Seminar 2020

01-12 2020

Haier, known for its revolutionary technology in the home appliance industry globally, has become a leader in this category in Pakistan as well. The organization is devoted to its consumers and has always strived to serve them in the best way possible.

Each person who adds value to the brand, be it the consumer, employee, dealer or salesman, is an asset and the reason for its success. To show support and appreciate the efforts of Haier’s salesmen, the brand conducted its first Salesmen Seminar in January 2020 in Lahore. The theme of this event was Banay Haier ki Awaz” translating to “Become Haier’s Voice” and salespersons from all over the country came to mark their presence.

The trust Haier has put in its people has always been reciprocated. The brand shares a collaborative relationship with the salesman and they, in turn, take complete ownership of it; striving to create more visibility for consumer attraction.

The Salesmen Seminar was an effort to honour the work done by the salespersons, making them feel valued so that they further improve productivity and market the products even better. When it comes to support, Haier has been consistently guiding its salesmen and setting specific objectives through which they can improve brand visibility.

Salemen Seminar 2020

To educate them about the brand’s innovative products and the ease which they bring to the life of a consumer, live product demonstrations were done. This was an effective was to familiarize them with the features of the products as well as serving as a guide on how to operate them.

To keep things interesting, a contest was held at the seminar, where the salesmen were asked to sell Haier’s smart products to the audience. This was seen as an opportunity by the salespersons to display their level of skill and everyone participated quite enthusiastically. Capable and persuasive, it was difficult to pick one single winner. On this occasion one of the salesmen commented, “This has been a great effort by the brand, the acknowledgement and appreciation we have received has made us feel very special. We are already eagerly waiting for next year’s seminar.”

The seminar was a success and being validated by the brand in such a manner, boosted the morale of Haier’s salespersons considerably. Another salesmen at the event said, “The appreciation we have been shown by the brand has been extremely motivational. We are all geared up for 2020 to make Haier even more prominent among the consumers.”

In an effort to keep them motivated, awards were presented to the salesmen for their constant support. The seminar proved to be quite successful and helped in creating a supportive image of the brand in the minds of the salespersons.

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