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Haier Brand Seminar 2020

01-10 2020

The brand building and globalization strategies keep magnifying Haier's brand influence. Haier has become a representative of the world's top home appliance brands. Haier ranked 41st among the world's Fortune Global 500 most influential brands, ranking first in the home appliance industry for 15 years in a row. Haier Being Global No 1 for last 10 years in Euromonitor International and in BRANDZ stood 100 Global Brand. Haier celebrates its phenomenal success both on a global scale and here in Pakistan as the #1 choice of home appliances for consumers.

Every Year Haier celebrates its innovative products in a mega event Haier Brand Seminar 2020 held on 9th January 2020 in PC, Lahore. The event attracted the brands dealers from across the length and breadth of the country values. Peshawar Zalmi players attended the event. Haier Brand Seminar 2020 slogan was “Smart, Leading, Winning”. Haier kept its promise of the chosen slogan by providing smart products and solutions for its consumers, while smart and instant access to Haier dealers, advanced technology, updated systems, a safe environment and a sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to create a win-win situation for its partners, vendor and consumers.

Haier Brand Seminar 2020 enlightened the audience about the smart products that are further going to ease our lifestyle. Haier displayed all of its new innovative smart products at the experience hall, the attendees were showed around and they were given demonstrations on each of the smart product category for better understanding. This year’s Haier Brand Seminar 2020 brought a whole range of interactive smart products, smarter technology, smart services, systems and platforms.

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The Air Solution providers; Haier AIR CONDITIONERS and Haier COMMERCIAL AIR CONDITIONERS, are engineered to provide complete Air Solutions. Haier REFRIGERATORS comes up with Digital Inverter the real inverter.  This enables Haier refrigerators to operate on extremely low voltages and deliver peak cooling performance. Haier DEEP FREEZERS utilize advanced inverter technology and measurable energy savings. The glass door makes them an outstanding user-favorite. Haier WASHING MACHINES incorporates the One Touch Solution to enhance the performance of Haier washing machine for better wash. Haier’s LED TV’s with Android AI Smart life takes home entertainment to new heights of family enjoyment. Haier COOKING brings safe cooking and chef at homes

The Dealers, Zalmi players and even the Haier family was pleasantly surprised with the new Launches and proud of the achievements of Haier as a brand. One dealer during Experience Zone visits was so excited about the new launched Air Conditioner and Refrigerator that he exclaimed, “Haier has done it again, and the innovative features are a smart solution to everyone’s problem, best brand ever!”. The top Tik Toker joined the Brand seminar and the attendees also participated in the Tik tok challenge by setting the official Haier anthem and recorded their dance moves with the hashtag #InspiredByHaier.   

The Dealers were also rewarded with appreciation awards on the basis of their excellent performances. The audience at Brand Seminar were glad to be a part of a star-studded event that made history with its successful smart launches. And Haier seems fully determined to provide best to everyone in Year 2020.

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