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AC Installation Professional Training

03-09 2020

Haier Pakistan’s Air Conditioning division was established in 2002 and soon Haier air conditioner became a prestigious brand in the minds of Pakistani consumers. With the greatest market-share in Pakistan, Haier has been leading the Pakistani air conditioning market for the last 10 years. In 2019 a formal application was forwarded to PNAC to check the compliance of the lab management system (ISO 17025:2017) which after pre-assessment and complete assessment issued the certification in November 2019. After this certification, Haier is actively taking the initiative to participate in standards development.

On Thursday March 5th 2020, the Customer Services Department conducted Professional AC installation training for the installers at the HNR Factory. The training was primarily conducted for the Lahore region installers. Around 60 senior installers of 15 installation companies attended and took part in the training activities. The purpose was to keep in mind the company’s standards and maintain them, thus the training was provided keeping in view the Haier’s defined standards.

AC Installation Training Workshop

More over during the training, some essential guidelines were shared with the installers for basic understanding. These included Standards Tools List as well as the complete Installation process of the AC unit. Through practical examples and live demos, the installers were guided on the entire AC Installation process including the proper usage of Standard Drill Machine that is used for installation. The demos were an integral part of the training to understand the technical details in a better way. Similarly, this training was helpful since it gave them visual insight and equipped them with professional and technical knowledge.

To put their knowledge and training to test, the CSD team conducted tests of all the installers. Along with this, Haier authorization was given to the qualified installers. Furthermore, to make this activity more valuable and significant, the installers were given a tour of the HNR factory to enhance their understanding of the product manufacturing processes. Following this training activity, the installers surely gained knowledge about professional installation while keeping in mind the standards which they will incorporate in their daily installation activities.

At the end of training one of the installer said “ We have been installing AC’s from a long time and we used to think that we know everything about the installations but after the training we have learned a lot of new and standard ways to do it and a lot of our confusions and queries are resolved. This was one of the most informative session that we have attended so far and we are leaving it after learning so much about professional installation.”   Lastly Haier aims to provide professional, fast and free AC installation to all its customers.


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