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Haier Pakistan Resumes Office and Factory as Government Eases Lockdown

05-15 2020

The government of Pakistan issued a notification to gradually softening Covid-19 lockdown in order to maintain a balance between economic activity and precautionary measures against the coronavirus pandemic, keeping in view the problems facing the people. Hence Haier Pakistan management resumes its Haier Factory with precautions from Monday May,11 2020. Haier Pakistan is now fully operational and ready to serve its customers.

Haier Offices Resumes

Strict Standard operating procedures are being followed at the Haier Pakistan Head Office and Haier Factory, to keep the working place safe and to ensure that we serve our customers in a healthy way. Strict SOPs are being followed while entering the office; thermal scanning is mandatory for all staff upon entry, anyone with a flu, cough or fever is not allowed at work until fully recovered, masks are mandatory for all staff, with employees sitting and interacting keeping a minimum distance of 6 feet. All personnel from security to logistics follow these safety measures, which include but are not limited to regular use of sanitizer, hand-washing practices, disinfection of all property on office premises and dedicated disposal bins for used masks. All of these precautions and more are being taken in order to maintain high quality standards and safety for all of Haier Pakistan’s dedicated customers.

Haier Pakistan stands in solidary with its nation in these tough times and is ready to fight with the pandemic in a safe way while fulfilling the needs of its customers by providing their favorite home appliances. All Haier Smart Products are now available to make life easier and healthier. By choosing Haier you will be choosing smart solutions that keep you feeling fresh.

Haier Inspired Healthy Life!

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