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Haier Convertible Deep Freezer

07-29 2020

Haier Pakistan is No.1 selling brand in refrigeration industry, with its Deep Freezer being one of the top selling products, that has transformed the living of the consumers. The latest technology used in Haier’s Deep Freezer makes it an ideal choice for a smart household, as it has all the features there must be in order to store the food for a longer period of time.


Haier’s complete Deep Freezer range is convertible that allows you to convert it into a refrigerator mode easily at any time through the temperature controller, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen appliances family. If you need a bigger freezer, choose Haier! Haier Deep Freezer comes with a great storage space that offers adequate space to store different variety of food.

Haier DF Convertible

In this scorching summer heat and amid frequent load shedding; you don’t have to worry about your food going bad anymore. Haier Deep Freezer has 100 hours of freezing retention, which means your stored frozen food will stay fresh and cool for up to 100 hours without power.


The super freezing function ensures faster freezing through its 5-way cooling technology that equally distributes the cold air inside the freezer, providing a quick and balanced cooling at all times. With the cutting-edge technology used, that saves 50% of the energy through wide voltage operations, the Inverter Series is an economical solution that guarantees a significant reduction in your electricity bill, as well as allow you use the freezer without a stabilizer.

Eat Fresh & Stay Healthy with Haier Deep Freezers

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