Azaadi Sale

08-13 2020

Haier brings you another sale yet again, giving you all the more chances to upgrade your home and kitchen appliances without putting a stress on your wallet. This Independence Day, Haier has collaborated with Daraz to bring your dreams come to life, by giving crazy and unbelievable discounts throughout the week, during the Azaadi Sale, started from Aug 7th till 14th August 2020.



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Haier is providing the customers with smart and innovative products that are packed with the latest technology. Visit Daraz’s website to grab all the deals and discounts by just clicking on this link that Haier is offering on its Smart Home and Kitchen Appliances.  


So, this is the best time to get a bigger and better refrigerator that ensures long lasting freshness, or an air fryer that provides the satisfaction of a deep-fried feast without the health risks of dipping it in a bath of hot oil, or a quality washing machine that gives you the best laundry experience, or a smart AC that cools, heats and purifies air even on low voltage and can even operate on a UPS.


Not only this Haier has something amazing in store for you in August, with your love for food and our Haier Smart Appliances in your kitchen, you can experience our online smart cooking show and learn new dishes. Make your favorite dishes with Haier every Saturday live 1:00 pm join to get win big prizes.  So, what are you waiting for; make online shopping of Haier Smart Kitchen Appliances and get started with our chefs.


Are you looking to make your living space more enjoyable for your everyday use? The quickest and most effective way is to upgrade your appliances. So, upgrade your home and kitchen appliances to give an outdated space a fresh new look.


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