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Haier Smart Cooking Show

08-21 2020

Haier has something new for all the home-chefs out there! Presenting a live cooking show for foodies to learn new skills and try mouth-watering dishes, hosted by an Italian cook, Haier Smart Cooking Show streams live on Haier’s Official Facebook Page on every Saturday at 1 PM.

Watch the show as the chef teaches you amazing tips, tricks and hacks while cooking a mix of global food, including Italian Pizza, Chinese Dumplings, Pakistani Chicken Sajji and much more with the most flavorful ingredients.


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As per their strategy for promoting the show and gaining audience engagement, Haier publishes a teaser on its social platforms one day prior to going live. It has generated a good amount of response from its social audience by carving out a competition, where the viewers have to share pictures of their favorite dishes during the show. For the incentive of the competition, Haier is giving home appliances as giveaways, as a result of which, a lot of people engage with the brand every week by participating in the competition.


Haier Smart Cooking Show also showcases the smart kitchen appliances that has latest and top-notch home appliances with technologically advanced features that make the preparation of dishes quick, convenient and smart such as Haier Air Fryer, Refrigerator, microwave oven, hood and hob! This cooking show is packed with fabulous recipes for you to try during this uniquely challenging time.


So, don’t forget to tune in to Haier’s Facebook Page every Saturday at 1PM, to watch the Italian chef prepare your favorite recipes on Haier Smart Cooking Show and participate in the competitions to win exciting prizes.


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