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Haier Handwash Machine

09-23 2020

Haier Handwash Machine

For A Hassle-Free Laundry Day



Haier Handwash Machine


Haier has been providing its customers with the best solutions to their everyday problems, that brings ease and convenience to their lives. Being a leading and trusted brand in the home appliances industry, Haier’s Washing Machines serve to be the best-seller product, and No. 1 choice of most of the women in Pakistan.


Haier has introduced a hand wash machine at an unbelievably affordable price, that gives a laundry experience as efficient as a Washing clothes with hands to save you from all the hassle. Haier 1708 Series is packed with features that lets you wash your expensive and delicate clothes gently and thoroughly, without wearing them down, to ensure a comfortable and worry-free laundry experience.


There’s nothing better than a machine that restarts automatically if it gets stopped abruptly due to a power cut. Haier Handwash machine is equipped with the Auto-Restart technology which allows the machine to start from where it was stopped.


Haier 1708 Series washing machine is one of the best hand wash machines in the market, as it comes with a Double Lint Filter to provide you with deep cleaning of clothes. The Double Lint Filter traps all the lint, dirt and dust so that the clothes come out perfectly lint free and clean.


An overwhelmingly positive response has been received by the users of this model, as it allowed them to sanitize and clean even their dirtiest clothes with care, while spending less time doing the laundry.

Haier 1708 Series is available at a promotional price of Rs. 36,999, for a limited time. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity, and bring this Haier Washing Machine home for a wash similar to handwash.


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