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Haier CAC Global Online Technical Training Conference 2020

10-14 2020

Haier Commercial Air Conditioning (CAC) held “2020 Global Online Technical Training Conference” From September 14th to 29th. The training focused on 5 major regions, including Europe, Southeast & South Asia, Middle East & Africa, Australia, and America, attracting more than 150 professional technicians from over 30 countries.


The training for Haier Pakistan was organized on 14th & 15th September respectively. The agenda of training was to better engage our esteemed customers and to equip Haier's technical team with equipment training courses and some in-depth training for customers with the help of VR technology and real-time communication software.

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This online training course mainly covered range of courses, including R32 match plus, new MRV S II, MRV 5 series, magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller, air-cooled modular chiller, control system, Motoring system & TD-03, and Haier selection software (HACS), etc. The training was concluded with an interactive session with staff, along with technical team, for their queries and for better understanding of equipment.

The participants expressed their merriness and gratitude to trainers for such comprehensive training through active online interactive session. CAC Pakistan team hoped for continuation of imparting knowledge through such trainings, in future as well. We extend our best wishes for team.


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