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UNICEF Bio Medical Project

11-19 2020

UNICEF, in Collaboration with Ministry of Health, launched CCEOP (Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform) in Phases for Storage of Medical Vaccination for Children. Eventually, Haier Biomedical (HQ) won 3 Packages out of 5 in the 2nd Phase of CCEOP and chose Haier Pakistan as their local Service provider that was to carry on Delivery, Installation, Onsite Training & 10 Years After Sales Service for 2,906 Biomedical DF Units (2,184 On Grid & 722 Solar Direct Driven Units). Next Ministry of Health held a meeting on 28th August 2019 for Project Introduction & Project Management Team (PMT) Formation, afterwards on 6th September, UNICEF held onboarding meeting with LSP regarding Project TOR’s. On 4th October 2019, Federal & Provincial PMT Meeting was held by MOH and a go head was given to Haier Pakistan to start Delivery, Installation & training from Sindh. Region Wise distribution of it includes Punjab (870 Units), Sindh (1,206 Units), Baluchistan (18 Units), KPK (375 Units), Tribal Areas (35 Units), Islamabad (39 Units), Gilgit Baltistan (67 Units) & AJK (296 Units).


Haier has proudly completed installation of bio medical ice-lane refrigerators by successfully installing 2184 units all across Pakistan. Our service engineers faced all odds but did not delay their tasks even in critical situations. Haier is present for its customers anywhere and at any time. Our service engineers are motivated and dedicated towards their job and thus provided exemplary services by covering difficult and hardest to reach areas with full determination. Haier service engineers encountered difficult challenges but amid critical situations and the Pandemic, they managed to install 2184 bio ref units all across Pakistan. Our engineers travelled through snow, rainfall, deserts and hard areas to complete installation to store safe vaccines for everyone nation-wide. Moreover, the hurdles did not stop them from being available for all anywhere and at any time!

Haier Biomedical & Haier Pakistan held Trainings for Installation Teams from 16th October to 22nd October, 2019.  Project Delivery, Installation & On-Site Training Started from 11th November 2019 and was completed on 16th October 2020 (Due to COVID-19 Lockdown restrictions imposed nationwide, the Project Deployment activities were stopped for 3 months). Haier is proud to partner with UNICEF and fulfil social responsibility. This project will help vaccinate around 4 million children in Pakistan who will be provided safe vaccination against the deadly Polio Virus and many other diseases too.

The regional EPI (Extended Program for Immunization) departments of Punjab, Baluchistan, GB & AJK commended Haier Pakistan’s worthy services and bestowed us with appreciation letters.






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