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The First Silk Road Friendship Award Ceremony 2020

12-24 2020

The First Silk Road Friendship Award Ceremony 2020 was held on 21st December 2020 in Beijing, China. It was hosted by China International Culture Exchange Center (CICEC) and organized by Global People Magazine of the People’s Daily group, a member of the People’s Daily Group. It was attended by state leaders from the Central Government, senior officials of CICEC Council and the People’s Daily. More than a hundred candidates were recommended by CICEC council but only10 individuals and 1 group were finally award the title, Ambassador of Silk Road Friendship.

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Mr. Javed Afridi CEO of HNR Company (Private) Limited won the First “Ambassador of Silk Road Friendship” honorary title for his great efforts that he contributed towards the economic cooperation & cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan. Through Mr. Javed Afridi and his team efforts, Haier became a well-known and trusted Chinese household appliance brand in Pakistan. He blended the Chinese brand promotion with Pakistan’s national cricket game.

On receiving this award Mr. Javed Afridi said it was an honor to win the award of Ambassador of Silk Road Friendship, moreover it must be an affirmation of our Haier Pakistan Team. On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Haier Pakistan, we will further speed up the localization of the “Rendanheyi” management model, continuously to contribute to the economic construction of “The Silk Road” and the friendship between China and Pakistan.






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