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Co-Build Ecosystem Brand

01-19 2021


20 Years of Winning Hearts

Haier Brand Seminar 2021, attracts the brands dealers from all over the country. The brand seminar is a major event in Haier’s Marketing Calendar during which previous year is reviewed and new year product launches are announced. Haier Being Global No 1 brand celebrates its phenomenal success both on a global scale and here in Pakistan as the #1 choice of home appliances for consumers. This year’s theme for brand seminar is “Co-Build Ecosystem Brand”.

Brand Seminar

Haier started its operation in Pakistan back in 2001 when Haier joined hands with Ruba. So, this year’s marks 20 years of Haier’s presence in Pakistan. Haier was convinced that success could come not only by understanding the consumer’s problems, improving their product experiences and enhancing their lifestyle with innovative products, but also required the implementation of the strategic “RENDANHEYI” model to truly pave the path to success.


Haier Pakistan current destination is to build an eco-brand for the IOT era, it is changing the lives of its consumers by building an ecosystem brand and scenario brand in Pakistan and continuously lead the home appliances market. It continues to deepen the needs of the Pakistani people, continue to innovate, customize a better life plan for Pakistani users. It makes it possible to share air-conditioning, online flagship store and whole-house customization. Hence Haier will continue to win hearts with inspired living.


This year’s Haier Brand Seminar 2021 brought a whole range of interactive smart products, smarter technology, smart services, systems and platforms. Everyone that is connected with the Haier brand including Haier customers, Haier dealers and Haier employees wins. In 2021 Haier Pakistan is planning to launch the Candy Brand, which is original from Italy, and through Fashion and friendly design, Value for money product, create an Efficient, Accessible, Fashion, Vigorous home appliance brand for new generation. Initially they will be launching Candy Air Conditioner in Pakistan, further they will bring the complete Candy product range for the consumers.


For 20 years Haier has always eased the pain of its customers and it will continue to do so for coming years. Haier has always proved that it is a brand that matches the standards of the growing and evolving industry. So, join hands with Haier to welcome more wonderful journeys and jointly build an ecological brand in the Internet era and be a part of Haier and be Inspired.


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