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Haier Digital Inverter Refrigerator is the Real Inverter

02-24 2021

Haier Digital Inverter Refrigerator is the Real Inverter

Less than 1 Unit a Day

In today’s world it is essential to reduce electricity use in your house. It not only effects your bills but environment as well. Saving energy consumption benefits the environment, conserve resources and improve livelihoods. The Little things we do to save energy make a huge difference.

REF Energy saving I unit a day

Haier being the leading appliances brand aims to inspire living and create better living opportunities for the people. To play a sustainable role in the society Haier introduced Refrigerators with digital inverter. The digital inverter is the real inverter that consumes less than 1 unit a day and helps you ensure supreme saving of energy. It has amazing features that makes it a smart choice for people and stand out from rest.

It has digital control system that gives you the power to set temperature yourself and has the four temperature sensors present in the refrigerator that helps you set precise temperature. This is not all it also has 2nd generation FD Invertor in it, which is 60% more energy efficient, helps you save energy and can work efficiently from 105V to 260V. It also has T-ABT Sterilization ability that protects your food from 99.9 percent bacteria so you can enjoy healthy and germ free food. No doubt, Haier Refrigerators are smart choice for smart people. 

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