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Free Installation for Haier Cooking Appliances

02-28 2021

Haier Pakistan is actively working on providing benefits with ease and safety to their customers, as for Haier, the main objective is to cater to all the customer’s needs in the best way possible. Haier aims to facilitate their customers by providing them with Free Professional AC Installation services. The technicians sent by Haier are fully trained in handling and installing the Air conditioning units to guarantee full customer satisfaction and product safety during the installation process.

KA-Free Installation

Haier is here with another offer for its customers! Haier is providing free installation for its Kitchen Appliances in Lahore, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. This offer is extremely beneficial for people who are constructing new homes in these cities and don’t want to go through the hassle of locating an installation technician and paying heavily for their services.

Haier Kitchen Appliances include the famous Haier Hobs and Hoods. The Hobs and Hoods come with a good range of features which include blue flame technology so that the level of the flame is easily visible and can be controlled. They also come with a flame failure device which ensures the consumers safety in case of a gas issue and also has an auto ignition feature.

The Kitchen Appliances also include Haier ovens which have a range of features. They come with precise temperature control which enable the users to be able to set exact temperatures while they are cooking. They are equipped with electronic control making them easier to use and give them a sleek outlook. They are also equipped with a convection fan which helps circulate hot air around the cavity of the oven, which in turn reduces hot and cool spots, helping dishes on every rack to be cooked evenly.

Haier also continues to ensure the best installation standards. This standard procedure includes various steps that are there to make sure the appliances work with maximum efficiency. Standard tools are used in the professional fitting of all kitchen appliances. The Hobs and Hoods are carefully fitted in the kitchen and then cleaned so that the customer faces no difficulty afterwards. In the final steps of the procedure, our technicians demonstrate how the appliances will be used and then collect the Satisfaction code (SF) from the customer, if the customer is satisfied with the installation, only then the process is officially finished.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to our outlet or buy from the official flagship store on Daraz.pk (https://bit.ly/2ugoEFN) and avail this amazing offer.


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