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Haier Introduces Whatsapp Chat Bot

04-26 2021

Haier continues to innovate when it comes to products or services in order to bring nothing but the best for its customers. Haier leads the market and once again becomes the pioneer and trendsetter for its most recent innovation. In recent times the company has been focusing its efforts on how to improve its customer service and after some careful thought process that has gone into the whole concept, Haier presents to its customers the Haier Pakistan WhatsApp Business Chat Bot.


This innovative concept will allow Haier customers to be able to easily interact with the company officials regarding any of their queries. Some of the main features of the software include a main

·         Dashboard: This will contain all the data related to the conversations that are carried out on WhatsApp.

·         Conversations: Agents will be present in this area to assist and respond to customer queries.

·         User profiling: This will be used to create user profiles against each number.

·         Contact book: This is where all the profiles will be managed.

·         History chats: Once query is closed it will be saved in the chat history.

·         User management: This gives the person the option to view multiple reports.

·         Feedback survey: This allows the customer to give feedback to the company through forms.

All these features will allow the company to be able to understand better the needs of its customers so that they are able to facilitate their consumer market in the best way.

Haier has always worked with a mission to keep its customers satisfied and which is why it continues to lead the appliances market. We take pride in the quality of our products, as well as our service and after sales service so you can purchase your favorite Haier product with the peace of mind that we have you covered.

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