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Haier Pakistan RENDANHEYI SUMMIT 2021

07-17 2021

Haier Pakistan RENDANHEYI Summit is an annual cultural event, which is an important event in Haier Pakistan yearly calendar of activities. Haier Pakistan Summit Meeting was conducted on 15th July 2021 at Nishat Hotel Lahore. In the summit the important matters, strategies and plan for the second half year and the upcoming year launches were discussed.

Half Yearly KV

The Haier strategy for 2021 is to proceeds zero distance interactions with users to realize transition from High-end brand to Scenario brand through Healthy, Smart, Efficient, Fashionable, Full range and Platform-based products as well as smart App and voice-operated products. Candy, one Eased, Energetic, Fashionable, Light luxury brand, covers all levels of users need with Haier brand. Continuously improve product iterations, customers service, users experience, ERP and operation system through “Ren Dan He Yi” Model. Lead the transition of Pakistan home appliance industry to IOT and realize rapid development with high profits.

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During the Summit all the product managers gave presentations on products and an interactive session was held regarding these products and they also reviewed the performance and progress achieved over the six months period under review. The Product Launch Plan was among the most discussed matter in the summit and the sales team was enthusiastically ready for these upcoming launches by aligning their challenging targets to achieve them. The employees outstanding performers was honored with the rewards to encourage their previous excellent performance

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At the end of the summit the CEO Haier Pakistan Mr. Feng Xianfa motivated the employees and appreciated for the hard work they did throughout the year and hence they are ready to face the upcoming challenges.

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